Elevating Our Community.

About Us.

The Centennial Lending a Hand Foundation is the result of the efforts and commitment of the Centennial Lending team, our board of directors, credit union partners, and our community. Together the Centennial Lending family has always been committed to our community and is elated to have our values manifested through the Centennial Lending a Hand Foundation.

The Centennial Lending a Hand Foundation supports local agencies, first responders, and diversity programs such as minority internships and scholarships. Additionally, the foundation supports the credit union industry by providing grants, training, assistance developing new products and services, as well as providing investment in technology.

The foundation is largely funded through Centennial Lending’s annual golf tournament and other fundraising events. Additionally, Centennial Lending has committed a portion of their profits, and will collect limited donations through borrower fees which will result in a year-end giving statement for each borrower.